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Saturday 25 July 2015

Developers, Start Your Engines!

The race is on, are you at the pole and ready to go?  I’m a developer.  I write apps for Windows and Windows Phone and have for quite some time.  I have seen some success, some of my apps are quite popular.  And while the millions of users of Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 has been great I’m more than a little excited about Windows 10 and the prospect of my potential customer base exploding to hundreds of millions or even a billion.  Think about that for a moment.  Your apps will be available to countless users of Windows 10 on all sorts of devices, from phones to tablets to computers to almost any sort of device you can imagine.

As a developer, I’m thrilled with the exploration of the new Visual Studio 2015.  Why mention Visual Studio when I’m talking about the advent of Windows 10?  Well, they sort of go hand in hand from a developer perspective.  The concept of Universal Apps takes on a whole new meaning with Windows 10.  Write an app and it will run across the whole Windows 10 family, from Phone to Tablet to PC, even to XBox.  Visual Studio will help you do that.  Make yourself familiar with some of the new features like Peek while editing XAML, a new and improved Codelens and one of the coolest features, the ability to debug Lambda expressions.  Now, all these features are not Windows 10 specific, but combine this with the new Universal App project templates for Windows 10 and the new emulators that will be available along with Windows 10 and it sure says get Visual Studio now at

On July 29th, the party gets started.  Microsoft is even throwing a party at their Windows Stores.  You can find out more information on these events where you can get more answers and maybe even pick up some goodies here at this blog.  If you have apps, then from the 29th, you can start selling your Windows 10 version.  Do you have plans to update them?   Even more so than in previous releases of Windows, I believe that there is going to be an explosion of updated Windows versions and new customers from day 1 and that means lots of new customers looking for apps.  Will they find one of yours?  Customers that update from Windows 7 will be hungry for apps.  In the first few days of having the store available users download more apps than any other time because it’s all new and exciting.

You can find out more information on new features of Windows 10 for your apps and other nifty ways you can leverage all the best parts of the new version of Windows right now at the Canadian Developer Connection.

Be ready for Windows 10 because it’s coming whether you are ready or not.  Those developers that are ready and on top of Windows 10 development will reap the benefits first.  It’s always nice to be first. The tools are there, everything you need is being handed to you on a silver platter.  Take it and prosper!

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